October in the Mountains of WNC

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Max Patch NC
Photo by Anita Adams
NC Trees Photography
October 2012

What a beautiful place we live in. The colors were just beginning to pop this past weekend.

Recently I was given a new camera and I’m learning how to use some of the newer settings. This was shot on Vivid…so the colors would be more prominent.  I imagine this weekend they will really be in their glory.

This morning I am grateful for blue skies, cool air, sunshine, my children, family and friends.

Wishing you a day of gratitude and a moment of true inner peace.


From life in the fast lane to Gratitude…


Max Patch Trail - Photograph by: Anita Adams

Max Patch – near Asheville, North Carolina

Do you ever take a moment to ‘breathe’ and just sit with your breath and smile and be grateful for what you have?  I try to do this at least once every day.

I had a priest years ago…that would stop Mass at 12 noon … and remind us to give thanks for some thing, experience, person, blessing that had happened earlier in the day.

This is a wonderful reminder to step out of the fast lane and breathe….with Gratitude.

I’m giving thanks that my photograph of Max Patch was a true gift to my doctor and is now hanging in her office.

What are you grateful for?

Friday late afternoon in early August….

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Some work, some play, some time to think away

A photo to post, a Toast to Toast

An Afternoon to reminisce and say ‘Let’s Stay!’

-A. Adams 8/2012

Summer Solstice – June 20th, 2012

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Peach Roses from the market in Verona Italy

The longest day of the year…when the fireflies are out…and the roses are blooming and the air is filled with the smell of honeysuckle. Enjoy it and make it a wonderful day for you and your loved ones. Go for a walk, a hike, a bicycle ride (I did this morning)…it’s so nice out and remember to find one thing to be grateful for each day…it’s there for the us… like the air we breathe….just waiting to be noticed. Peace to all…. A

Beautiful Flower Black and White from the Biltmore Estate, NC

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It is my hobby to take photographs and this one really captured my eye once I saw it on the big screen.  I hope you enjoy it as well. As for the job search, I’m getting plenty of work and am very grateful.  May your job search bring you wonderful results and work you enjoy. Ciao! Anita

Black & White Photograph of White Orchid

White Orchid photo taken by Anita Adams

A Winter without Snow in the Western North Carolina Mountains


I mentioned this to a friend today…that said…it did snow some….I can assure you…it was like NOT having Any! I missed it!  I enjoy SNOW DAYS…those unexpected days where you wake up to 3″ or more and everything is closed down and you know you can stay home in your pajamas – drink hot chocolate – get dressed and go sledding if you want. Take photos of the snow in your back yard. I’ll try to find one to post in this blogpost. I miss it!  The flowers are blooming – the grass is growing and the trees are beginning to bloom as well. There’s even bees and wasps out…it’s NOT officially spring yet! And….my body is saying ‘what happened to Winter and the hibernation period’? Well…as far as the job front is concerned..it’s almost been a year since my layoff from the G.M. position of 10 years! The year has been a roller coaster to say the least. I thank God for the work I have and for those who have supported me through it.  It’s been quite a challenge and I sense that it’s not settled down for me yet.  I also give thanks for my husband, who’s been so supportive, my family and my friends. May you be enjoying your day/season and/or current job. Until the next post – ciao!

Autumn in North Carolina

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Autumn in Western North Carolina. A time for reflection and gratitude. What a wonderful time to hike to photograph this season. Soon I will be displaying my photography at West One Salon in Asheville, North Carolina. In the mean time….there’s much to prepare for. Wishing all of my readers a wonderful weekend and joy in their hearts. Ciao! Anita

Job Search Break Europa 2011 photos

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Before I was laid off from my position as General Manager of a nationwide company for almost 10 years, I scheduled a vacation for my husband and myself to Europe. We were fortunate enough to take that trip and for that I am very grateful. Someone once said, ‘nothing is for certain’…..and I would have to add ‘but change’. Changes occur in one’s life whether you want them to or not. I’m learning to accept what I cannot change and to trust God to lead the way through the abyss of the unknown. I am not exactly sure what the next chapter of my career or life holds, but for now, I have many memories and photos to remind me of where I’ve been and I hope they will also lift your spirits. One of my hobbies is creating photo cards from photographs I’ve taken during my travels to Europe, Puerto Rico and all over the Southeast, especially on the trails of the Appalachian mountains. I will link this blog to one of my Photo sites for your perusal, and as always, welcome your comments.

Back from Europa……

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What a trip! Brussels, Venice, Verona and back to Brussels! I’m whipped …. but grateful for the wonderful trip and the opportunity to see so many beautiful places, art, the museums….Peggy Guggenheim, a Marc Chagall exhibit and Ancient Art museum in Brussels. Beautiful cathedrals…excellent cuisine everywhere and of course the perfect Cappucino..hot in Italy and much more tolerable with the temperatures in Brussels. Now…back to the job search….still searching for the right position which would be applicable to my abilities, lifestyle and be able to offer someone an opportunity to grow their business in whatever way possible. I must share a story of having my purse stolen while resting on a park bench in Brussels on Monday. The big thing stolen was my friend’s house keys from this purse…the rest was a small amount of cash .. and a purse which had some sentimental value. After praying to St. Anthony for a period of 12 hours or more….my friend received a call (her telephone number was on a post it note in the bag) at work to say her purse had been found….this was truly miraculous. So…once again…I must trust that the right job will come along and in the mean time….continue to pray for this. Until the next time….Ciao!

Friday May 13th…a day for some rest

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I’ve been pushing it since March 21st and soon I will take some time off and fly away…..some much needed rest is in order. The job search still continues. The two interviews went as well as I could hope for. Now, it’s time to wait on a reply and for me to decide whether or not either of these positions are for me. I don’t have a clear feeling about either one of them at the moment. I will let God direct me from here. Thank you for your prayers and comments. With Gratitude, Anita

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