What Are Your Intentions?

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A wonderful reminder from @DyanDiamond regarding Intention.


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Well, my job search has ended and I’ve been hired as the Executive Administrative Assistant at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas in Asheville, NC. The job is challenging and full of artists, art and creativity…things I thrive on. I do have to find the balance between working and living my life. I think this is always true when one begins something new. I pray for the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Here’s wishing all the job seekers out there to find a job they can enjoy and is rewarding and life fulfilling. ~ Anita

July 8, 2011 – Friday

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The last day to a very long week…learning, training and volunteering for a new position in a non-profit art school. There’s so much to learn…exciting…yet, exhausting as you can imagine. Summer Session begins on Monday….and one of my Teacher’s will be departing to Italy for the remainder of the Summer to continue his study of Painting and the art of fresco….I’m very happy for him. He works very hard and deserves a BREAK! I hope life is going smoothly for all of you. I look forward to your comments and what’s been going on this summer? Thanks for listening. Anita

Photography a passion, a hobby – Art

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I’ve been taking photographs for years and have recently created quite a collection of ‘photo cards’ from Western North Carolina, Italy, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium and the Southeast. To enhance one’s ability to have a sneak preview of some of my collection, I also created a website called NC Trees Photography-i on wix. I will link this to this post and welcome your comments as always.

The door is open…. a job is found!


Well…after 3 months, I believe I have found the perfect job. Divinely created for me and I have accepted this position with much enthusiasm and hope that it is where I want to be and where I should be. The position is with a non-profit organization – an art school in Asheville. There’s a lot to learn…but, I am willing and able to dive in and make it happen. I’ve very excited and grateful! Thank you for all of your prayers….keep them coming! More to note about later…… 🙂 Anita

Job Search Break Europa 2011 photos

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Before I was laid off from my position as General Manager of a nationwide company for almost 10 years, I scheduled a vacation for my husband and myself to Europe. We were fortunate enough to take that trip and for that I am very grateful. Someone once said, ‘nothing is for certain’…..and I would have to add ‘but change’. Changes occur in one’s life whether you want them to or not. I’m learning to accept what I cannot change and to trust God to lead the way through the abyss of the unknown. I am not exactly sure what the next chapter of my career or life holds, but for now, I have many memories and photos to remind me of where I’ve been and I hope they will also lift your spirits. One of my hobbies is creating photo cards from photographs I’ve taken during my travels to Europe, Puerto Rico and all over the Southeast, especially on the trails of the Appalachian mountains. I will link this blog to one of my Photo sites for your perusal, and as always, welcome your comments.

Monday and the Job Search in NC continues…..

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Attempting to find the right job is a challenge in this economy as everyone knows. I do believe the door will open as long as I continue to search and let those contacts I know understand that I’m available, willing, capable and talented to assist them in growing their business. Feel free to check me out on LinkedIn, and on my website to better inform you of my skills and talents acquired over a period of approximately 30 years, or give me a call at (828) 776.5014 for a job in the Asheville, NC area. My website is: http://www.wix.com/anitaadams/anitaadamssvcs

Back from Europa……

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What a trip! Brussels, Venice, Verona and back to Brussels! I’m whipped …. but grateful for the wonderful trip and the opportunity to see so many beautiful places, art, the museums….Peggy Guggenheim, a Marc Chagall exhibit and Ancient Art museum in Brussels. Beautiful cathedrals…excellent cuisine everywhere and of course the perfect Cappucino..hot in Italy and much more tolerable with the temperatures in Brussels. Now…back to the job search….still searching for the right position which would be applicable to my abilities, lifestyle and be able to offer someone an opportunity to grow their business in whatever way possible. I must share a story of having my purse stolen while resting on a park bench in Brussels on Monday. The big thing stolen was my friend’s house keys from this purse…the rest was a small amount of cash .. and a purse which had some sentimental value. After praying to St. Anthony for a period of 12 hours or more….my friend received a call (her telephone number was on a post it note in the bag) at work to say her purse had been found….this was truly miraculous. So…once again…I must trust that the right job will come along and in the mean time….continue to pray for this. Until the next time….Ciao!

Monday – May 16th – the outcome

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Well, most of you know that I had 2 interviews last week. Neither of these spoke to me as I thought they would. It’s okay. I believe the right job will present itself exactly where I need to be, in the mean time, some R & R is needed before this can begin and that’s on the agenda as I soon leave to fly to Europe….and return home…to a place and time where time stands still, where cathedrals exist, cappuccino and pastrys are alive with a nutrition that feeds not only the body but the soul. I look forward to sharing more at a later date. Until then, for all the unemployed, laid off individuals….keep the faith! Remember when one door closes, another opens. Ciao!

Career Coach Jane Falter has been a God send

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I can not express enough gratitude for the assistance, expertise and professionalism of Jane Falter a veteran Human Resource Manager of 30 years with her own business as a Career Coach and Certified Resume’ Writer. Jane is gifted! She has been such a help to me and so many others. If you’re stuck and need some guidance, a professional resume’, or wish to change directions altogether….Jane is the person. See more of Jane at: www.JaneFalter.com

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