What a trip! Brussels, Venice, Verona and back to Brussels! I’m whipped …. but grateful for the wonderful trip and the opportunity to see so many beautiful places, art, the museums….Peggy Guggenheim, a Marc Chagall exhibit and Ancient Art museum in Brussels. Beautiful cathedrals…excellent cuisine everywhere and of course the perfect Cappucino..hot in Italy and much more tolerable with the temperatures in Brussels. Now…back to the job search….still searching for the right position which would be applicable to my abilities, lifestyle and be able to offer someone an opportunity to grow their business in whatever way possible. I must share a story of having my purse stolen while resting on a park bench in Brussels on Monday. The big thing stolen was my friend’s house keys from this purse…the rest was a small amount of cash .. and a purse which had some sentimental value. After praying to St. Anthony for a period of 12 hours or more….my friend received a call (her telephone number was on a post it note in the bag) at work to say her purse had been found….this was truly miraculous. So…once again…I must trust that the right job will come along and in the mean time….continue to pray for this. Until the next time….Ciao!