Today has been interesting and full of tasks completed, others just beginning, but always job searching. Today I am grateful for opportunities to come and for those that have been accomplished. I was presented with a beautiful new resume’ from a wonderful Career Coach, Jane Falter, at if anyone needs assistance in getting that resume’ to look top-notch and really showcase your accomplishments, Jane’s the one for this. Many, many thanks Jane. One of my passions is writing. On behalf of National Poetry Month, I would like to share the following poem with you: “Give Thanks for what’s Left” means to me….Love comes and goes. Hurts hurt and eventually they will heal. We rejoice in the successes of our children, if we’re fortunate enough to have them, and if not, we rejoice at others children. If we live long enough, we see, hear, laugh and remember the joy others have brought into our lives. Some friendships will last a life time, some will not. Often times, when life is more of a challenge than a joy, we forget (I forget) that what’s left, after all the hurts, changes, disappointments, decisions have been made, is to look around at what’s left and give Thanks to God. There’s a lot left – there’s you. Thank you for touching my life in some way. ~ Anita Adams (2010)