Today has been a little different so far. I got up and left the house, instead of being glued to the computer searching for the ‘perfect job’ to move into. I must say I have always loved writing and expressing myself. When I am able to get the thoughts from my rambling around in my head to paper or computer, the emotion behind them becomes released into the ethers….it’s a Good thing! I also talked to some people about work as I ventured out into the world as an unemployed person, momentarily, and found compassion and empathy from a woman named Wanda. Wanda and her husband were both laid off at the same time and she KNOWS what this feels like. She patted my hand and told me what I already knew….’Believe’….God will place me in the next right place. I am beginning to BELIEVE this again. I have an appointment with someone this afternoon at 3:00 pm – I will keep you posted. As they say, ‘when one door closes, another opens’ – hence my photo of the open door. 

I would love to hear your comments. Thanks for listening! – Anita